Need help,long or intermediate day variety

andreaz6wv(6b)January 21, 2009


I rec'd the Dixondale catalog a few months back. I have always just planted the sets at the store,so I don't know how they got my mailing info,but that doesn't matter.

Anyways, I decided to order "special" ones this year. I have thought all along that I would choose the sampler for intermediate.

However,I do fall into the zones for long day as well. I notice long day has more to choose from. Opinions please. I bought candy at the farmers market here last year and liked them.

I am in WV. On the Ohio border just south of the northern panhandle. Zone 6b.



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Hi Andrea,

Candy and Big Daddy should do very well in your area. While Big Daddy is listed as long day, Dixondale says it grows well in most areas of the country because of its early maturing. And it stores much longer than Candy, so the two will give you fresh onions for a long time. I grow both here in central New Joisey.


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Thank you so much for *holding* my hand ;) You'd think I was preparing for brain surgery!!


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