Help, all my garlic keeps dying. with pics

thismembernameJanuary 25, 2013

I need some help.

I am rooting garlic inside next to window seal in a shot glass with water, and it works great. I have about 20 garlic head waiting to be planted. I have planted 4 rooted garlic's already, all separately, in fresh potting soil however they all continue to dye.

The green sprouts droop and fall off, and then the entire plant just drops. I have them under t5's, and next to windows during the day. No fert. I have tried very little water on one that is dying, and a lot of water without success. using two cup method to prevent wet feet.

Any ideas?


Here is a link that might be useful: click here for the pictures

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Growing them indoors by a window should not work very well because there is not enough light, and it is generally too warm to induce vernalization indoors.

If the soil is not frozen outside, I would suggest planting them straight outside, and mulch them over very well because they need the natural conditions in order to thrive.

I added a picture on how they should look in their natural environment, but this batch happened to be planted in October. It is still fine to plant them now, and get decent results as long as the soil is not frozen outside as they can still get exposed to the cooler temperatures, and they can also get a head start on rooting out as they tend to grow roots as long as the soil temperature is above freezing.

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Garlic doesn't like overly wet soil. It causes rot. I suspect rooting in water may cause the same.

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