first time with onion sets

matthew18(5)January 31, 2010

I plan to pick up some onion sets at my local garden center as soon as they are available. Im in zone 5 arouNd the saratoga ny area. That said this is my first time with planting onions. Can I get away with partial sun(3.5-4hours)? How do I fertilize or do I fertilize? How early can you plant the onion sets? Im not familar with planting in the early spring when frost is still a threat. How much frost can they handle?

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WHEN TO PLANT : The sooner, the better. This way, they can be harvested by the end of spring/early summer. Frost, even deep freez is not a problem for onions.

Fertilizing: Nothing special. A normal garden soil sould be fine.

SUN: You have to have good sunshine. I would think less than 4hrs is not enough.

You can also plant small pearl onions.They usually come in a bag containing about 60 onion @ $3./bag. Plant them as soon as the ground is workable. Plant such thay the tips are covered by less than .5 inch.

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jonas302(central mn 4)

I'm my area at least when the real greenhouses and hardware store offer the sets its pretty much time to plant

I like plenty of fertilizer

They are not going to do super in partial sun going to grow slower and have smaller bulbs but if that is where you have to plant them it wouldn't stop me you will at very least have green onion tops to eat

the dixiondale farms website has lots of onion info also

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