Want Old Fashion Scallions, Multiplying onions

kcdupree(Z8 TX)January 2, 2012

I had these for years, and somehow, one year, they were gone, but I really want them back. Saw some seeds in the Shumway book, but the seeds were only $1.85 and the shipping was $6.

So looking for some from someone's garden, so I can bypass the seed stage.

Have elephant garlic, shallots, and some Sweet Heritage White onions, they make a small 3-bulb onion like the shallots. Also have garlic chives and leeks.



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I have a really nice scallion / bunching onion that has perennialized in my WI garden, and would be happy to send you some, in about 4 months, when things thaw and come back to life!! If you are interested in seed for same, send a SASE small padded mailer and I can send them to you.


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skeip, I have XG422 Yellow Multiplier from Territorial Seed Co.
I am in S.C. zone 7b/8a.
I was just wondering if my M.Onions would grow in your perennialized garden.

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I have grown that very onion for several years. In fact, last year I had such a good harvest that I was able to send stock to several people from this forum. I have never been overly impressed with it, but it is a curiosity, and something people seem to be interested in.

I plant the bulbs in the fall for a midsummer harvest, I have not left them in the ground as I would expect they would degrade and go "grassy" like garlic left in the ground will.

The onion that I was referring to is a scallion or bunching type that has formed quite a nice patch where I can pull as many as I need. They also bloom and produce viable seed. This is a variety that I planted from seed a number of years ago, and no longer have record or recollection of the name.


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