Galic bulbs now??

macmanmatty2(8b)February 4, 2007

Hello all, i'm kinda new to growing garlic and just recently found out that you should plant garlic in fall, but also heard that warmer zones like mine you can plant garlic in the spring. So I want to plant in the spring. My questions are where can I get some good varieties of garlic to plant now?? I looked at some of the stores but they all seem to be sold out. Are any stores with any garlic left that I can order now?? Does anybody have Any they would sell to me?? I have a few varieties that I am really looking for I really want to grow my own garlic and not use that stuff from the supermarket.

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You might want to post on the Trading forum if your looking for certain kinds of garlic. As for planting times, I'm not real sure. I planted my "grocery store" garlic in October, and it seems to beat the frost pretty well.

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Sure you could plant garlic now...why not...see what happens. You will probably get smaller heads and/or be harvesting late but its worth giving it a try. Just looking at Seed Saver they are already taking orders for Fall '07. But, I noticed in the grocery store that all the heads of garlic are sprouting. It's that time of year. I see that a lot garlic is coming from China now. I wonder what varietal that is? The heads are big with very large cloves..give that a try. Although I am sure it's not organic but it was sprouting.


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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I waited till August to order my garlic and most places were already sold out. You don't say what type of garlic you're looking for. I've had good luck finding good locally grown garlic at the organic grocer. I don't know what kind of luck you'd have this time of year tho.

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china garlic has always underpriced the U.S. market due to slave labor or cheap labor. Buy american and call your senators and congressmen to stop the free trade extension that will be voted on in June or July when it expires. The united states has nearly a trillon dollar trade deficit with China. China will not open there markets to U.S. products and they hold most of the U.S. debt dollars.

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I bought some garlic from Sam's Club that was grown in Florida. It's name was Collossal, but I think that was a reference to how HUGE they were. They are sprouting like crazy. Is it too late to get them in the soil this weekend and is it okay if we have freezing temps to put them out? Right now my Weatherbug is reading 28F. I live 22 miles from Galveston and the Weatherbug station is 2 miles from my house so it is a pretty close reading to what we are getting. Would they survive new planting at this cold of a temp?

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So I guess we won't find lucifer53 at Wally World!

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Oregon veg: Clarification, Communist China,
Why do you think made in China is used in lieu of Communist
China. Political Correctness.

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I was just wondering what the varietal was...maybe Xian. I would never buy that garlic...It is my understanding the 90 percent of the garlic in the US is imported...Who would of thought. Gilroy processes the garlic and slaps a Made in California label on it.

Grow Your Own. Its easy

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I was referring to the jarred stuff, but who would want to eat that anyway.


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I wasn't disagreeing. Importing is hurting not just the garlic industry. I always try to buy made in US. ESPECIALLY my food.

I watched a documentary recently from Gilroy. Christopher Ranch tried for years to get legislation passed to BLOCK the importing of garlic as they watched their crops dwindle. They failed. The only way they could stay afloat was to sleep with the enemy and buy their garlic. Now they are forced to grow less, import more. It's the consumers fault, Not Christopher Ranch. Everyone wants CHEAP!
That's why the big box stores are so huge and the Mom & Pop stores are getting plowed under.
Okay, I'm off my soapbox now!

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To tell the truth..I am a little scared of that Chinese garlic. I noticed that Whole Foods is selling it but it is flawless to a point of almost looking fake. At any rate, I just use shallots this time of year. Those little French Gris are indestructible and keep me going until I can pull my own.

OKay, next person on soapbox please.:)

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Last spring I planted garlic and all I got was rounds. I found out later that garlic should be planted in the fall to get the full bulbs. I left the rounds in the garden and they seem to be doing really well. A good place to purchase different garlics is Gourmet Garlic Gardens at They sell by the pound and I received 10 bulbs which gave me over 100 cloves. I was lucky enough to find someone to split my purchase with me. They are located in TX and are now taking orders for this fall. I know it won't help you right now but you can use it for future reference.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gourmet Garlic Gardens

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