Duchesse de Brabant, Climbing

sherryocalaNovember 27, 2011

Posting on an old thread doesn't seem to be working. Even though I saw my reply on the actual thread, it doesn't appear on the current ARF list of posts.

Here's the link to the original thread from 2009.


And here's a new one since apparently you can't get there from here.

The fact that DdB has a climbing sport was just brought to my forgetful brain, and I can picture it in the same semi-shady spot where the bush form is now growing weakly, but the climber would be growing up and out into the sun. I do not find it on the Vintage website. Does anyone know if Gregg Lowery ever imported her? I think I'd be willing to pay the shipping and ag fees on this one. The photos from Australia on HMF are wonderful.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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She is listed as Countess de Labarthe under Hook Ducher import roses on Gregg's site. I almost ordered her when she was available but did not and now of course she is custom root - I don't know if they will be around long enough to fill an order for her beyond what they have already committed to deliver, but like you I think this is a stunning rose and one that needs to be in commerce in the U.S.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Sherry, IIRC, we cannot import from Oz.

Some roses from Oz are going to some of the European countries, and it is possible that, in time, we may be able to import from those places -- but at present, we are barred from the Aussie treasures, and I believe ours are forbidden to them.

So -- DdB is clean for you?

It's a mildew magnet here, and Mme. Joseph Schwartz, ditto. They're not roses I recommend to people in my area.


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DdB mildewed heavily in my San Jose area garden, as did Hermosa. Many teas and chinas do. That is why I stayed away from them for many years. I am now cautiously trying a few that are said to be resistant, but I already know DdB will not work here. That does not mean that it will be the same for you in your very different climate. It sounds like a wonderful rose.


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DdB only mildews slightly for a short time in spring and not every spring. Sorry you guys have mildew or rather DdB has mildew. People don't get mildew, do they? :))

Teas and Chinas do fine here thankfully. Otherwise, Florida would almost be the land of no roses... or at least no no-spray roses.



Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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I have an old (at least 90 years) DdB bush in my garden. It was growing inside of a huge Le Vesuve, and it took me years to notice (I'm slow) that some of the LV roses were a paler pink, and very cupped. The old LV finally died, and we cut it away from the DdB, which had been sort of smushed. Now the DdB has gotten huge. I have no idea if it is a climber (there is nothing for it to climb on) - it is sort of sprawling all over, but it does look like a tall rose that has fallen over, and then sprawled out. If it was upright instead of sideways, it would be at least 8-9 feet tall. However, I see on HMF that the bush can get 8 feet tall, so it might just be that.

It gets a little mildew in our SF Bay climate, but not bad at all.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

It may be, Jackie, that your DdB is less-mildewy because it's so old.
Some Teas (and some Chinas, particularly the pink ones) will mildew when immature, but out-grow it.

In my area, I know 15-y-o plants of DdB which still mildew.

Here is one, on the grave of 3-y-o Tilly Chestnutwood -- an 1860 burial. So I wonder if your massive one might not in fact be the climber:


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Jeri - it might be the climber. That is a scary thought, as I rooted it and planted the baby right next to our driveway .....that will be interesting! The baby has more mildew, but still not enough for me to worry about. I will keep an eye on it. Next Spring I will post a picture of the old old one, when it is in better looks. The deer have been pruning it for me........


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jerijen(Zone 10)

" . . . it might be the climber. That is a scary thought . . . "

*** ROTFL!
Sometimes, the big'uns CAN be pretty scary!


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