got garlic in december..don't know what to do now

karendee(5WestOFChicago)February 13, 2011

I got two heads in a swap in December. I was so happy but the ground is frozen her in December,

Can plant them in a container? Maybe wintersow them?

One is labeled Toch and one is labeled BC.

I have had them indoors since I got them with my seeds.

Any tips? I am new to planting garlic but I love it!!!


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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

Just get them into the garden as soon as the ground thaws. They will have enough time to do well. Spring planting is mainly bad when you delay putting them out because it cuts down on the number of cool days that the plant has to grow before bulbing. Cool temps actually promote sprouting so you could put them into a refrigerator for a couple of weeks previous to when you think you can get them in the ground.

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I will follow your directions.

thanks so much!!

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By the way, as the person who sent you those garlics, "Toch" is Tochliavri and "BC" is Broadleaf Czech (you must have lost my note).

Don't know much about growing garlic in zone 5, though, so I hope they do ok for you. My ground is NEVER frozen!

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Zone 5 here, get the cloves in the ground as soon as you can, fall planting is best but very early spring planting will give you an okay crop too.

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