How to kill allium

uoduxxFebruary 17, 2008

Sorry, but I have a bed of allium that I (stupidly) planted years and years ago. I can not get rid of it. I have dug out bulbs year after year to no avail. I don't even get any flowers anymore, only greenery. Should I just cover the area in plastic for this season and wait for till next season to enjoy it? Or just give up? It's so ugly.

Thank you.

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If it's green use Round-up, a none selective and biograde that doesn't effect the soil when it hits it. I wiped out a huge patch of lily of the valley. Use with caution. If the wind blows it anything green is dead. I had over spray that killed my lawn and some near by perennials. I then used a cardboard box open at both ends and tediously sprayed each section. No more lily of the valley. There is also a product called Wipe-Out. It can't grow if it has no sunlight if you go organic. Mulch doesn't work on bulbs unless the green is above ground. Hope that helps.

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