Squirrels attacking garlic

tn_veggie_gardner(7)February 24, 2011

They are also attacking my garlic chives (but I don't believe that's considered an allium). I have had a handful of suggestion on how to deter them, most of which require reapplying after rain. Has anyone else out there had problems with squirrels digging up their garlic? They seem to just dig it up, then leave it untouched on the surface of the soil, which pisses me off even more b/c it messes with the roots and is probably stunting the growth each time it's done! I just figured i'd drop a line/thread in this forum to see if any fellow allium growers have a solid method for keeping them away from your beds/pots/etc..

Thanks! - Steve

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Hi Steve, iam not sure how my garlic has fared as of yet, it is still under several feet of snow, iam in New Hampshire/Zone 5, but i do know that soon after i had planted some shallots last fall, and before i had them mulched, squirrels, iam sure, took off with most of them, they were not to be found anywhere in the vicinity of the garden, someone had mentioned perhaps putting some sort of netting or screening over the area until the bulbs have been established, but iam not sure if that would work in every case, such as yours..i can sympathize with you!

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Wow, then ran off with them? That stinks! lol...Probably buried them somewhere else thinking they were a nut of some sorts. Not a bad idea to use some sort of netting. I will deffinitely keep that in mind. Thanks! - Steve

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