Too late to plant shallot sets?

tarkovsky2002(z8 NC)February 18, 2006

Yesterday, I planted 60 shallot sets. I reasoned that since my local hardware store just started selling them, then it must be the right time to plant. (Very naieve, I know.) However, upon consulting with Google, it seems that planting shallots in the fall is the norm in NC. Are my shallots a lost cause? Am I just going to have to be content with green onions and cut my loses?

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You will probably be ok. There is a good chance that the big shallots will make lots of tiny shallots the first year anyway. The tiny shallots then become big shallots the next year. The trick is finding the shallot that produces and survives under your conditions year after year. Most shallots have a two year growth cycle anyway. The only real issue to me is if a cold snap hurts them since they were just planted.

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garliclady(z7 NC)

Im from NC zone 7 . I think you will be fine . We planted ours late this year (Jan 1st) and they are up. As long as we don't skip spring this year and don't get July temps in May as happens some years you should be fine. Our fall planted shallots are usually harvested mid to late June but I would think if we have good weather(not too hot) and you keep them watered in the late spring early summer maybe you will get a later harvest time and they will have a chance to grow some more. Good luck the garlic lady.

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