Texas Sweet is it Long, Indeterminate or Short?

ourhappyhome(7B)February 6, 2008

I purchased Bonnie "white" onion plants from my local Walmart (Georgia). I contacted Bonnie and they said the variety is Texas Sweet, but they were unsure as to whether they are a long, short or indeterminate day variety. Anyone in my region of the country grown these? Do you happen to know what day length they are? Thanks

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Dixondale Farms lists Texas Super Sweet as a short day variety (see http://www.dixondalefarms.com/category/short_day_onions). Not sure if it is the same, but I would expect a variety having Texas in its name to be a short day.


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If you got a Bonnie onion plant in Georgia, They label every thing "Sweets", but if you look on the end of the shipping crate they specify the cultivar. The only whites I have seen in this area from Bonnie are the White Granex hybrid, a short day cultivar.

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micropropagator(zone5 S Indiana)

Just think about the Land of the Midnight Sun Which is any land north of the Artic Circle. So that is Long Day. Gardeners use the Ohio River or Mason-Dixon Line as the divider for south and intermediate regions.
But it is night that counts not day. So If you are growing a plant Turn on a light for one hour at midnight if you want a summer growth response. Recall Crysantheums grow in the summer, but the long nights of fall trigger flowers. So when I want no flowers but lots of stem cuttings to sell during the spring, I turn on a hundred watt bulb every 8 feet apart each directions for an hour or two at midnight.
Harold Eddleman, Indiana Biolab. 30 miles west of Louisville KY

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