Planted shallot too soon in Autumn?

bardamu_gwMarch 5, 2014

I had a long warm autumn in 2013. I planted shallots too soon and they were growing vigorously for a while in the fall, maybe a month and half, before the cold came in. The green stalks didn't fully wilt away, a lot of it is still there now.

Will the bulbs not grow well this year because I planted too early in the fall? If not I'd like to make room for other things.

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Actually, it sounds like you did the right thing. Shallots are notorious for rotting rather than sprouting, which happens a lot because they stay dormant for so long. Your bulbs were probably ready to grow when you planted them, so they are now sitting on nice roots. When the soil warms, I bet they grow like crazy.

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Thanks for the info-- I'm glad I asked!

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