Egyption Walking Onions or Winter Onions

eric30March 24, 2009

Hello, A friend of mine gave me these uncommon bulbs last October and called them "Winter Onions". He gave me the run down on how they grow a bulb and then make these "sets" on the end of the scallion like stem for replanting. I didn't believe it until I looked them up. He told me to stick them in the ground last fall, said they would develop and then shoot up in the spring; I totally dropped the ball. Now it is 7 weeks before last spring frost and I decided to tray them up with my regular seedlings to get as much root growth as I can before putting them in the garden. I put them in a mix of sphagnum peat moss and worm castings very close together. Keeping them at room temperature right now until they shoot up. Any predictions on how this will work or any suggestions please? Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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listenstohorses(6 & 8)


A friend also gave me a box full, I planted some and forgot the rest. Later I found the box and spread the bubils out and threw dirt over them. They seem to be growing well now. My advise is to not worry, they seem pretty hardy.

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I just moved my walking onions into my new garden. I decided to eat one of the leaves, man they are potent!! Its early spring here but they are already over a foot long!! They are my most hardy plant. They have moved to three different gardens in the last 3 years, and they keep being happy and producing and producing for me!!!

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I have one row of Egyptian onions in my garden. The row has been there for 5 years. I don't want them walking, so I take all the bulb-lets off in the fall and store them in my basement. Two week ago I potted the clusters up into 5 inch pots, covering with 2 inches of pro-mix. The bulb-lets had already started to sprout about 1/2 inch. They are outside now in zone 5. They will be about 6 inches tall when I take them to the Farmer's Market May 1st. Many of them have 6-8 bulb on each. I don't separate them.
Wish I knew how to post a picture.
Please don't try to explain how, I'll never get it.

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Concur with posts above. Thw walking onion is practically indestructable. While like most plants, it prefers a loose fertile soil, it is competitive under most all conditions. It is also extremely pungent. While it is hardy, it is not really a winter onion. Even here where we grow short day onions in the winter, this one goes dormant to re emerge in late winter/ early spring.

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I have been looking for these types of onions. Could you help me to find them?

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I've been looking as well and they seem to be sold out until the Fall. Does anyone have any to spare (or is it really too late to plant them)?

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I just started some last year, but will not have extras probably for two years.

Here are some places selling them:

Mother Earth Seed Search, Here is a link to search for more places.

Good Luck!


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kellygirrl(z5 !A)

EWOs grow for me anywhere, like dry shade, would grow on the sidewalk, I think, they are so tough. I adore them, and stuff myself silly on them for months. It's never the wrong time to plant, as far as I can tell, either the topsets or transplants. I have extras, if you are still looking. I'm just not good about checking activity here, don't really know how to use this site properly. I have periodically searched my name to see if there are any follow up posts, that's about all I know how to do!

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I used to have these onions in a bed years ago and have been trying to find them again. WHere can I order them or find them. I would appreciate any help. my Email is if you respond put green onions in the subject line so I will see.

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Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has onion sets in their catalog section called "Perennial Onions" (on line).

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