Moldy Compost

UncleJohn(z4 NH)March 18, 2006

All winter I have been collecting used tea leaves for compost, both from loose tea, and from tea bags. I like the idea of organic matter from India, China, Japan, South Africa (rooibos), and other exotic locales being used to build up my soil. Much of this pre-compost has gotten moldy, and I am wondering whether I should think twice about adding it to my beds. In particular, I know that some molds are bad for garlc, and I grow lots of garlic (less than garlic lady, but far more than any rational hobby gardener).

I have since frozen my used tea by leaving it outside; last night it got down to 7°F. Will this kill the mold? Is it worth boiling or baking it? Should I worry at all?


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

No, you shouldn't worry.

The molds on your pre-compost aren't the same ones that cause disease.

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

Rot and mold are what makes compost. I keep kitchen garbage in 5 gallon containers (try to keep it down to 3 of them at a time) during winter because I can't always get out and get it on the heap. I figure that the time in a warmer place (an attached room which is unheated, but doesn't freeze) sort of gives the process a jump start.

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