Leeks indoors...do I blanch now? Trim?

megmaineMarch 17, 2009

If anyone can help me, I would like to have leeks this year... tried it once before and never got more than pencil thin ones...

I read here that for starting them indoors under fluorescents, I should trim the green and keep them trimmed to about 3 inches high... So should I trim the tiny hairlike seedlings I have now?

And what about blanching? Mine are sprouted in peat pellets... do I need to start piling soil around the green shoots now, or does that wait until transplanting outdoors?

Thanks for any help... I have searched for this info, and all I can find is that blanching should be done, but not when it should be begun when leeks are grown from seed indoors.

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baygrower(7 maryland)

I have grown leeks last 5 years.For some reason we start april first under lights and move in and out of house for a month.I plant in container circumference of a average bucket and usually-may 1- plant the leeks in the garden-without container.let grow in the clump and when they are about as thick as pencil-another month-seperate from clump and plant every 4 inches in garden.We have never trimmed the leeks back-but this is my first year with onion seeds and we do trim onions to 3 inch.I still have about a hundred from may31 2008 final planting-and they are delicous.We planted some in sept.2008 and they are about 3/4 inch circumference and growing.I am going to start some tomorrow as they are very hardy and i have time.

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Yes trim them to about 3" when they start to fallover. harden them off some before you plant them outside. I plant mine outside the end of april or first of may depending on the weather and then hill dirt up around them as they grow. YOPPER

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