Onion Tragedy

AustinApril(8b)March 26, 2005

Last night, we had a freak storm blow through Central Texas. During the day, I admired the HUGE fat onions, first time to grow. Thanks to Martin, I was thrilled with the Egyptian Walking Onions I planted for the first time, fascinated by the top set bulbils that were coming along farily rapidly.

I could NOT believe the racket of the hail at 9:33 to 9:47 p.m. Almost EXACTLY 4 minutes of ALL H%$L breaking loose, where I ran out to one window and covered the inside with a large quilt in fear that it was about to be pelted into a thousand pieces.

My daughter and I were amazed in just minutes as we stared out at a silent back yard, 3 inches deep in 1.5-2" pieces of hail. After a day with 80 degrees, it was quite a site to look out on.

I worried for my tomatoe plants, all about 10 - 12" tall. Turns out they made it, minus a few limbs but with centers intact (on most of 'em, anyway).

I was surprised this morning, though, as I went out, about the strong smell of onion wafting toward my house.

Pieces everywhere. Not a single topset of bulbils left intact (one or two were busted and swinging by a thread; the rest were on the ground).

They won't recover from such a late disaster, will they?


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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

If there are leaves left intact, likely the in ground bulbs will mature and can be replanted for the next crop. Still, disapointing. Last year. just three blocks away, there was severe hail and my friend thought he lost everything. Nothing failed. Good luck!

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

Sounds like I got the last salad out of that garden, eh? Enjoying it again this evening!

Salvage the walking onion bulbils, no matter how immature they may seem. Let them dry for a few days and then plant them. Just barely cover them with soil and forget about them. They may take off growing as if nothing happened.


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