garlic under lights

heavyoilguy(Z2 ALBERTA)March 4, 2010

I have planted garlic inside under lights 2/18/10, I am wandering do I cut back the tops like I do to the onions I have growing ? I cut the onions back usually once per week to 4".


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I wouldn't, you want as much area for photosynthesis as you can get. Garlic is very different from onions, day length isn't an issue and you're growing from divisions rather than seed/set, bolting isn't an issue... Garlic has a pretty wide window when you can plant is successfully, from late summer through early spring. The only threat to it is excessive heat, which in Z2 may not be a problem either.

The garlic should produce quite the root system and top growth by the time it will be planted out. Hopefully they're at least in individual 16oz containers.

Garlic will emerge faster and more vigorously if it has been exposed to cold temperatures, in a similar manner to 'forced' flower bulbs. If you are starting them indoors they may not have been exposed to such cold. If you are unhappy with their performance this year and they were stored indoors all winter before planting, you could try refrigerating them for a month before planting next time.

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