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Chubasco(6a/AZ)March 28, 2005

never had tried growing garlic, and being an avid forum reader, I planted some cloves from store bought (calif. white) garlic last Oct. They sprouted and have grown over the winter, even in freezing temps ( teens). I mulched with straw ( 3-4 inches) We had a wet winter and snow here in E central Az. zone 6/6a 5700' elev. The tops are now about 12 inches +-. I have not been able to start the water yet as we are still freezing in the AM. Sunny days in the 50's. Now my question: Do I just wait, start watering at risk of freeezing pipes, or what? Brent

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

No reason to hurry with the watering. California White is a softneck which is used to dry Mediterranean climates anyway. Whereas the rule of thumb for vegetables is an inch of rain per week, garlic seems to do well with half that. They do have a rather deep root system so they'll go looking for water if they need it. Two of my best garlic years were 2002 and 2003, drought summers. Garlic was low priority for the water buckets and the garlic loved it!


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kristenmarie(Z4-5/New Mexico)

Just next door, you KNOW we're as dry as you!! Don't worry about it -- garlic is pretty tolerant of dry. How high are your daytime temps? Is there moisture left in the soil when you touch it? I think you've had a wet winter like us-- our garlic beds are SOAKED, I think we won't have to water until May even if it doens't rain another drop between now and then.


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Thanks, Martin and Kristen, I'll take your advice and do what I do best( nothing LOL) These garlic are in a raised bed with sandy/silty soil that has been augmented with composted bison manuer. As I said I mulched with 3-4" of straw before real cold Wx came in. My water system is from a well. I have an automatic timer for watering. Pipe is PVC but not buried deep, 6"or less. There are 8 different legs that take care of the garden ( 40'x60', 8 raised beds and 2 20x20' open areas, an orchard, 11 apples, 3 plums, 3 combo cherries and 3 apricots, a peach, and many ornamentals, roses, evergreens, cottonwoods etc. You can see the system is extensive and subject to freezing. I don't need to be repairing cracked pipes by turning on the water too soon.
Again thanks I've rambled too long.

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

Next season, try growing some real garlic, ie. hardneck. I think you will never go back to Ca White.

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