Moldy Garlic

tn_veggie_gardner(7)March 22, 2010

I finally received my last 2 items from my Jung seed order that I placed about 2 months ago. One of them is some California White Garlic. One of the cloves has mold more than halfway through it. The other two, it seems to be on the surface, only slightly extending into the clove itself. Would it be safe, for these 2, to pick them apart & use the non-moldy pieces? Please let me know.

Thanks - Steve

P.S. - Obviously, I called Jung right away & they are sending me replacements.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Steve - Sent you and email via GW a few days ago. You may not get them...I had trouble with my server deleting GW emails before they arrived last year and had to change my server settings. But send me an email and I'll send what I wrote.


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This is a really good question, does anyone have an answer?

Essentially: is it safe to plant moldy garlic/onion bulbs?

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I have never found it to be a problem with production. It's mostly cosmetic. Most onions also develop this same type of mold after being in storage for a while. No harm again--just wash it off before eating.


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