Sets or plants?

Katxena(z7 MD)March 10, 2009


I tried starting onions from seeds, but they have not yet sprouted. I will be planting them out on April 4, and I want bulbs, not green onions.

I would like to buy either sets (from a local supplier) or plants (from Dixondale) to replace my failed seedlings, but I'm not sure which I should get. Since they will have about 10-11 weeks to grow big bulbs after planting, which would be preferable--sets or plants?

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The plants from Dixondale would get you the biggest bulbs. YOPPER

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baygrower(7 maryland)

I plant sets for scallions and grow seed for big bulbs.The sets i dont eat for scallions- make a nice size broiler onion, which i cook soft in cream.

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I think people get much healthier bulbs out of the plants. Sets tend to send up flower stalks...

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