Best tasting top setting onions?

container_blueberryMarch 30, 2010

I am searching for some top setting onions.

Which ones taste the best? How long do they keep?


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Top setting onions are usually grown for the greens, harvested like giant chives, and there isn't much difference in taste between varieties. People often try to grow different varieties until they find one that grows well for them.

"Heritage Sweet White" was bred it's ability to produce a large amount of shallot sized bulbs, and some people report that it has a milder flavor than other strains of top-setting onions.

The topsets (bulils), some people eat like a mild form of garlic, but most people just replant to increase their stock.

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Can someone tell me how well Heritage sweet top setter multiplies compared to Egyptian walking onion? How about other top setters?

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does anyone have any heritage sweet whitetop onions for sale

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