Planting garlic now?

bomber095(z5b MA)March 30, 2013

I know garlic is typically planted in the fall, but what's the deal w. spring plantings? Is it worth it to even try? I've read that spring-planted bulbs dont get nearly as large as their fall counterparts

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They are nowhere near as big, but you can still get some mini bulbs which are altogether larger than the clove that they started from. Good aeration, and fertile soil can also still get them to a decent size. Putting them in now would still get better results as opposed to if you waited until May.

Think of it this way. Hot temperatures will cause garlic to bolt and form bulbs. This means that the larger the garlic plants get before it heats up, the larger the bulb will become.

I've planted garlic as late as January, getting them up to around full size.

Mine are already pretty far along despite unseasonably cold temperatures.

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Hello all,

Just finish making a another garden bed about a week ago. I planted allium molly, ranuncules, crocosmia George Davidson, hemerocallis Frans Hals (daylilies), anemone blanda mix, anemone hybrida pamina, ranunculus asiaticus, freesia, iris hollandica autumn princess, solidago virgaurea goldenrod, anemone coronaria De Caen, liatris spicata, gladioli nanus, sparaxis hybrida tricolour. They were all pretty small bulbs, etc. Will they bloom after being planted so late? I'm in Hinesville, GA...thanks!

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It depends a lot on the species. Many hardneck garlic do bloom if they are planted in the spring.

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It is confusing I ordered elephant garlic bulbs in December from a nursery called Henry. They told me they will ship it at the time to match my schedule of planting for my zone. I just received it. Should I go ahead and plant it now or should I keep it in the freezer till the fall. Is elephant a real garlic or leak.

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