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fishymamas(z9, So. CA)March 20, 2008

I've grown garlic before, but I need a little hand with some estimations here.

Mr Fishy (diabetic) was told by his nutritionist to start eating a clove of raw,fresh garlic daily (thank goodness I'm italian and don't mind the smell) before going on BP meds. I've told him before I'll happily grow any thing he'd like, but now it's spring, and in zone 9/10 way too late to get more than garlic greens, and seed garlics for next fall's planting grown. I've used the fridge to pre-chill bulbs including garlic before, and know how to care for it, what I don't know is how much to plant?

Any guesses on how much for 1 person with daily consumptions? I gusstimated 60 heads worth (1 for each week of the year, supposing 6-7 cloves per head), anyone else wanna give me a hint?

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bloosquall(Wa 6)

Fishy, I have an idea for you, yes 60 bulbs would be an adequate amount. The variety is really the question you need to be asking. You need a bulb with the longest shelf suggestion is Nootka Rose. I say this because I have seen these bulbs still in great shape 10 months after harvest when properly stored. This is a silver skin garlic. Silver skins have a much longer shelf life than a Rocambole or purple stripe.

Getting your hands on 10 of the biggest bulbs you can find right now and plant them for a late harvest this summer will get you by for a while. This variety has a few large cloves and many smaller ones. My experience with them is there are 5-6 of the larger plantable cloves per bulb.

The bulb won't get as big as fall planted but will get you started. I have read that some people think this variety is mouth burning hot but this has not been the case from my experience.


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