garlic pests - yellow maggot or larvae with brown head or end.

jimw00d(USDA zone 7)March 7, 2006

Today I noticed that a few of the garlic plants in my garden looked a little sorry for themselves. On closer inspection I noticed a few white marks on the outer leaves of each plant. Each of the white marks had a hole in it. Peering inside the stems I saw a yellow maggot or larvae with a brown end or head happily eating away at the new leaves that the plant was getting ready to expose. I pulled each of the infected plants out - on second thoughts this might have been hasty.

Any ideas what these lovely little guys are and how I might stop them infecting the rest of my crop. I have grown garlic in the UK for many years without problems but I have now lost half of my first Texas garlic crop. Please help.

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It may be an onion maggot, Delia antiqua. Here is a link.
Diatamaceous earth is sprinkled around the plants to protect them. A screen over the soil, or tilling at the right time can break the cycle. Tobacco may be a viable organic treatment.

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