Fertilizing garlic

auntwayneMarch 14, 2012

I rototilled the garden today, and, want to start fertilizing the garlic with broadcast 12/12/12, and, or a side dress of muriate of potash. My question is, since it has been a really mild winter, I consider our area to be 10 to 14 days ahead of schedule, am I to early ?

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Why fertilize garlic now? The feeder roots are 6-8 inches down, so those chemical fertz aren't likely to do much good at this point.

I like to see my garlic robust early on, then starving by early July when they're ready. I band organic fertilizer and compost beneath the cloves when planting in fall, then feed no more unless you count mulch.

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My garlic seemed to start out really late this year, I think I didn't water it enough. Would it be too late to start giving it some fish emulsion or chicken manure, try to get some quick growth before it starts getting hit out?
I've been putting coffee grounds on it every week or do but it's spread pretty thinly across the bed, since I'm just using what my husband and I drink each week.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

I have been feeding when I see the first hint of growth in the spring, but a light bump of nitrogen only. There's plenty of everything else bound up in the soil from heavy compost apps over the years. The soluble nitrogen gives them a jump start when the first warmth signals "time to grow" and maximizes bulb size.

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