Need Help Companion Planting Garlic

john216(5)March 23, 2014

Question I Have 3 Tomato plants In 5 gallon buckets, is it possible to plant garlic in same container? I am new to gardening well I should say indoor gardening

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Welcome and best wishes for the season ahead. You can start by getting those tomatoes closer to the light. They should be almost touching the bulbs, and no more than 4 inches away at the most.

As for garlic, it is grown as a winter annual, planted in the fall, or in early spring in some cold climates. In Zone 5, you can plant the cloves in the ground as soon as it thaws. Garlic cloves take a while to grow roots before the green shoots show, and then the plants need full sun, with no shading from neighboring plants. In terms of companion planting, you can plant spinach or other small leafy greens between rows of garlic or other alliums, but not big plants like tomatoes.

If you want to companion plant alliums, the easiest way to do it is to stick onion sets in the ground.

Good luck!

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Hey Thank You , to let You Know These Are Staying Indoors, In Those Containers,, I Just Seen Garlic Is And Companion To Tomatoes And Help With pest Control, I Just Didn't Know If They Can Be In Same 5 Gallon Container If That's Too Close Or Not, But I'm In Planning Stage To Build And elevated Indoor Raised Bed 6ft by 2ft

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

If they MUST stay indoors, you MUST increase the light dramatically.

Why can't you plant outdoors?

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I Live In Apartment Complex That's Why, I know about the lighting part the shoplights I have now are full spectrum daylight bulbs, but next week I'm ordering (2)
CFL's full spectrum daylight 85w equal to 400watt

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