Senshyu or Frosthart Onion

ihategazingballs(5 SE WI)March 31, 2010

I like to grow onions from seed and this one may make it easier than ever for my zone (5). I planted the seeds in my garden last fall (October). Now I have the healthiest looking onions ever at this time of the year. I just have to spread them out because I planted them too close. I had great germination. The only problem is that Gourmet Seeds seems to have discontinued this variety and I do not know were else to get them unless I save seed and I have a feeling I might have to wait until next year for them to set seed. If anyone else has knowledge of where to get seed or experience growing this variety, I would be interested.

Also, if you know of other varieties that do well when started in the fall in a cold climate, I would love to know of them.

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If you don't mind ordering from Ireland or Britain, Senshyu is commonly grown over there.

Dobbies ships to the US and Canada.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Another option would be to plant some of your onions this fall and
they will flower and seed next year. But those seeds can be sowed the following fall(2011)
And will have onions in 2012. A year lag.

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Kitasawa seed carries Imai which they claim is an early Senshyu" type. Also look at Territorial seeds after about the middle of the summer. They usually have a couple of varities for winter planing. I don't know how they would do in your area


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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

I'm overwintering Walla Walla sweets and Top Keeper from Territorial. Both were planted in a nursery bed in Sept. and transplanted out in late Oct. at 4-6" spacing. Not quite the same as your direct seeding but still the same amount of time in the ground.
I'm zone 7 so it's a bit warmer than your zone 5, but we did get down to 10 degrees F. for 4 days this winter and the onions didn't have a problem.
Both varieties look great, show no bolting and hopefully will make some nice onions in June.

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