Growing your own onion sets?

blueberrier1March 18, 2007

Has anyone grown their own onion sets?

Seems like I read years ago that it is not impossible and allows one to enjoy more than the few varieties available. What I recall is that one plants an ounce (?) of seed in about a sq. yd of soil-you want them crowded. Plant in August and they are small bulbs that dry by the end of Sept...guess it was for the midwest.

Also recall a person folding cardboard and then drilling with a hole saw to get accurate sets or plant placement. Supposed to be better than holes in black plastic.

Thanks for any input.

cella jane

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sos_acres(Z5 SE IA)

I read what you are describing in Dick Raymond's Joy of Gardening. He planted an ounce of seeds mid July (3-4 months before killing frost is expected) in a 3x5 foot area and ended up with 45 pounds of sets.

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mamabear2(z4/5Bk HillsSD)

I just purchased 3 bunches of onion sets and we now have 6 inches of snow on the ground. I put them in a plastic tray with a few drops of water to keep them moist. I put the tray in the refriderator in the garage for a couple of weeks until they are ready to plant. I figure they store them this way in the green houses so it should work. Any good tips from anyone out there? Thanks.

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