Lots of garlic

lilacs_of_mayApril 23, 2008

At last count, I had 271 garlic plants growing, and I think there are still more to come.

Admittedly, I rather overbought on garlic last year. I ordered 11 different varieties, and I thought I'd get a bulb or two of each kind. Um, no. I got 2-4 bulbs of each kind, with an average of 8 cloves per bulb. Most of my garden is given over to garlic, and I think I'll probably be giving some of it away.

I also have about 12 tomato seedlings growing. If they do as well as the garlic, I might open my own Italian restaurant.

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Or you could have a neighborhood festival where everyone agrees to smell like garlic for a few days! ;)

This past fall I planted 8 cloves each of 8 different kinds that I got at the local farmers' market. I also planted 16 elephant garlic cloves from a supermarket purchase. I used a tomato cage, the kind that flattens and is made of squares, as a grid. Each type got 2 squares, 4 cloves per square. Then I marked them. Everybody's looking good so far. By the way, the person I bought the farmers' market garlic from, told me that the biggest cloves don't necessarily produce the biggest bulbs. My kids are awaiting the results. Happy spring!

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Hi lilacs!

What are you growing that's new this year? I wound up putting a short hoop over my garlic from mid-March to mid-April, that seems to have helped make them a little happy:

I cut back on garlic this year, 65 bulbs vs 81 the year before. Most are new varieties, mostly hardnecks. About 20% are seeded from last year's harvest.

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For some reason, I ordered mostly hardnecks this year: Persian Star, Carpathian, Spanish Roja, Polish Hardneck, Chesnok Red, Blossom, Lotus, Killarney Red, Oregon Blue, and Ontario Giant. I think most of those are hardnecks. There were others, too, that I can't remember offhand. I also kept back some Transylvanian and Lorz Italian from last year to plant. They're doing well.

I'll have plenty of scapes for stir fry this year. I love watching the sprouts pop up. Some of them look a bit chewed, though. I think the squirrels have been chowing down on them. I know that they stole several cloves, and they keep digging holes in my garden patch. I hate squirrels.

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Those squirrels would make a wonderful stir fry with all that garlic.

if they're the eatin' kind anyway...

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