Difference between Raw Garlic and Cooked Garlic

browneandraeApril 1, 2014

I feel better after eating raw garlic but I never experience an effect when eating cooked garlic. Can anyone list out the chemicals or antioxidants that are present in raw garlic and get destroyed when cooked? Basically I am trying to figure out what get's destroyed when we cook garlic so I can start taking that supplement.

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Often for a snack I'll just finely chop up a few cloves, drip some olive oil on it, crack black pepper and salt, whisk a tiny bit of dijon mustard in there, then slice a juicy vine tomato into the bowl, maybe add a few pungent basil leaves. It all tastes like summer. No pill has been able to match that feeling for me either, so I am curious to know what ground up thing in a dissoluble vessel can do that for me as well.

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