billtex(8atx)April 21, 2011

Is the $18.00 a lb. garlic from seed companies bigger than in stores or what is the difference, tks. bill

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I believe the stuff in stores is regular California White Garlic. There's plenty of varieties to select from companies online. I guess I would ask what variety it is. Different variety = different size. The size should be roughly the same as what's in the store though. And 18.00/lb seems a bit high. Should be able to find a great variety closer to $12-$14/lb.

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Remember, that $18 a pound is a one time cost. Once you get your own crop harvested, you'll save the best for replanting. What you are paying for is the ability to choose from so many types of garlic, not just that which is in the stores.

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When you pay a premium price you should receive garlic that is free of disease, nicely sized, and properly stored, i.e. stored at the right temp and humidity and not bumped or bruised. These bulbs give you the best shot at growing great garlic. $14 a pound sounds perfect to me:)

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Our local farmers market now carry a few varieties of the named hardneck garlic. Last year I saw music, German extra hardy and some other varieties for about $2 a head. Cheaper than the seed catalogs if they are the varieties you want to grow. I bought a head of no name purple stripe hardneck several years ago at the market and I have been growing it ever since.

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