glock(z5 PA)April 27, 2007

Ok here's one for the wise ones.

I planted around 50 onion plants (from wal-mart).

Well when i took a look at them a day later the tops where down what looks like a worm holes.

So i figured the rain we had the night before whas the culprit . So in the morning i walked up on my top field (where i have more onion plants) and they where fine .

Well i went down and checked on the ones i yanked out of the holes and replanted.And yes they where in what looks like worm holes about 1/3 of them are up rooted and the tops are mangled again!!! I thinks it's worms. What do any of you fokes think?

Plus i don't want to hurt worms.


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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

Just guessing but it sounds like onion root maggots. They'd make that kind of hole and turn the bottoms squishy though I don't think they'd attack the tops.

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GLOCK It's worms. I had the same thing when I lived in Ohio Night crawlers will try to pull the onion plant in their hole to feed on it . My son still lives in ohio and has this happen every year.They Look like you planted them up side down !!!!Go out after dark with a flash lite and you will catch them in the act. YOPPER

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