ornamental allium multiplying

covellaApril 19, 2005

Can anyone tell me which ornamental alliums do not multiply invasively? I have A. christophii and A. Mt. Everest which are very tame - a few offsets some years and slowly multiplying. I was told that A. Moly will multiply just like chives and would be everywhere - I just hate how much work that is to yank out - or dig one at a time.

Here are the ones I'm interested in from the Van Engelen catalog:

Allium azureum - blue, June

Allium cowanii - white, May blooming

Allium flavum - Small Yellow Onion June/July

Allium ostrowskianum, Syn: A. oreophilum - pink May/June

Allium pulchellum, Syn: A. carinatum, red-violet June/July

Allium triquetrum white May to July

Allium schubertii - purple May/June

Allium sphaerocephalon - purple Syn: The Drumstick Allium. "Great naturalizer with dense, crimson-purple, egg-shaped flowers". July - does naturalize mean a larger clump or takes over the world with seed?

I have a significant deer population and am working on adding alliums to my beds instead of lilies. Van Englelen has a good selection and their 2005 catalog will be posted in May - trying to plan ahead. I'm going to cross-post to the perennials forum. Thanks!

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Allium schubertii isn't hardy here in zone 6. Brent and Becky's list it as zone 7. I've planted it before and it died out.
Allium pulchellum has re-seeded quite a lot in a local garden. It might depend on the drainage.
I think Allium azureum produces bulblets in the flower clusters. I'm growing these and love the color. So far I've not thought of them as invasive but sometimes it takes several years to know.

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I can't be of much help..as the only allium I have other than Allium Schubertii (which doesn't multiply fast enough) is Allium triquetrum which in zone 8 here is very invasive...but so pretty I keep it anyway. I don't know what it would do in your zone.

Here is a link that might be useful: My exchange page

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