Garlic in Houston--can my harvest be salvaged

ellioscApril 7, 2013

I posted here a while back on one of two garlic varieties I planted, and the consensus was, among other things, that I planted too soon.

I also have some Siberian growing--I'm guessing I planted it too soon as well--that I thought was doing well. But starting about a month ago, they all started dividing, but formed multiple plants instead of a bulb.

I'm wondering what is my best bet for saving this harvest to be able to plant again in the fall? I understand Siberian is a decent variety to grow here, but I think the plants were too far along (one was 1" diameter a month ago, and it divided first) due to the amount of time it had to grow.

I read that it's generally not a good idea to try to divide plants (although a few people said it works no problem). So I dug up three of the plants, divided and replanted them, but have left the other 20+ plants alone.

What should I do to to give myself the greatest chance of having decent seed for next year as well as having some to eat? (seed cloves being the priority)

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Note--I'm not a novice garlic grower, but I am new to Houston. Garlic farther north was far less complicated!

This is especially disappointing, since I thought the plants were doing well....

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I say if your garlic is alive now, you will have garlic to plant this fall.or whenever you plant in Houston. I have dug plants and divided them this winter. they were small garlic to start with and at best I hope for seed for the fall planting from them. I did it just to see how well they would do. They seem to have taken the transplant well and doing ok. I doubt they get very large this season.

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OK, thanks for the advice. I guess I'll divide a few more and hope for the best!

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Not sure if anyone is interested, but I've been harvesting the garlic, and both the garlic I divided as well as the garlic that I did not divide has given me edible cloves. Many of the cloves are pretty large.

So I guess I have one more question: Which of the cloves will keep longest and be best suited to saving for next year's planting?

Some of the ones I divided are just large single cloves. Some are bulbs with 2-3 decent size cloves. The ones I did not divide look like regular bulbs, except the cloves have all separated (but are attached all to one set of roots).

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The ones that started to grow again ie, divided, will not store well in my experience. The large single cloves store well as would any that did not divide--normal heads--and have a couple layers of wrapper intact.

Sounds like you will have a much better year next year and perhaps will find someone from Houston to compare notes with.

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That's kind of what I was thinking. Does it matter how much more they grew? For instance, some of them actually put on their own scape.

I guess I'll have to sort these based on how they grew and hope for the best! I think the particular variety is a good one, I just need to make sure I don't plant it too early next time.

Many thanks!

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Hello I also am in houston and just moved back. I have 5 different kinds of garlic I will be planting and hope to compare not this summer if you would like to.

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