pennyviolet(z5 CT)April 8, 2006

This may sound goofy, but I have an emerging crest of a plant this spring that resembles pineapple top. Could this be the globemaster I planted last fall? I've always visualised the blossom rather than the foliage, and this isn't what I expected!

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sallym(z4 MN)

Yes! Now that you mention it, that's a good description of what they look like in early spring. So it's the first year then for your globemaster? You're going to love it!

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pennyviolet(z5 CT)

Thanks, Sally, for your swift reply. It is indeed the first year of my first globemaster! Any advice or words of wisdom for me?

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Don't water them much. They like it well drained and rather dry. If so, they'll reward you with more bulbs next year and next year. I planted some of mine in pots. I rarely water them. I'm getting new babies every every year. The ones in the ground have also multiplied.

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outinthegardenallday(Zone 7, LI,NY)

Pennyviolet, this is my first year with Globemaster as well. Every single bulb came up. I planted some of them amongst the hostas out back.

Do you have any other alliums planted? My first attempt was with Albo Pilosum (Christophii)...they added such a different element to the garden. And I loved it when folks would walk by the front, stop and say "what is that?"

I see you're in Ct. Where did you get your Globemasters? I purchased mine from Scheepers - the bulbs were huge.


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A globemaster that I planted 3 years ago has been dug up once and divided. This year, the original bulb is sending up a sort of wimpy stalk--it just doesn't look as good as it did the first few years and the "babies" that I took off of it look much more robust. Anyone else have this experience? Any advice?

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pennyviolet(z5 CT)

The Globemaster is my one and only so far, but I'm getting such a kick out of it I'd like to add other alliums. I bought the bulb at Holdridge's Garden Center in Ledyard, whom I trust totally. Need that trust to spend so much on one bulb!

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