Stomping down tall onion stalks

chuckhammond1944April 4, 2007

Probably and old wives tale but I remember my old neighbor always stomping down "not too hard" on onion stalks when they were about 12 to 15 inches tall. He said it stopped them from spending too much energy on the stalk and more on the onion. Should I do this or was he not only old but crazy?

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It's an old wives tale!!! Let them fall over on their own and you will get bigger bulbs. [ Watch what you say about OLD PEOPLE on this forum you are out numbered ] L.O.L

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If it's large onions you grow, we always pulled the dirt away from the top of them when they got a pretty good size to get them larger. This was my dad's instructions so I can't promise it worked but we did raise some large onions.


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Thanks and I'm older (62) also and I will be respectful of my elders.

I won't be stomping anymore

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They fall over on their own?? I'm a newbie and planted some onion sets and was wondering what animal (neighbor's cat?) had gotten into my garden and mashed some of them down... So I guess I won't consider them ruined after all!

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bettsyy(z7 SETN)

Mine are falling over as well, at first I thought some animal had laid down in the onion bed but each day this week more and more were on the ground. My question is now what? Do I pull them now or wait til they brown?

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