Viable cloves?

alagard(alaz8)April 17, 2006

I've never planted garlic before but I bought a bag of cloves to try it. When I seperated them, most were dry and withered looking. Are they supposed to be? There were a few that looked like the cloves you would cook with - fat and firm so I planted those. I live in So. ALA and didn't know if it was too late to plant or not? Any help for a newbie?

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username_5(banned for no reason)

They aren't supposed to be dry and withered, those have probably rotted. The onces that were firm will grow. Not sure about your zone and when you should plant for the best same year harvest, but planting them around now probably is fine for your zone. They like water and food. Some mulch to conserve soil moisture will help them a lot in your hot summer.

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Thanks for your resonse. That's what I thought. I believe they are supposed to be planted in the fall but we'll see what happens.Thanks for the tips.

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What you will probably get from a spring planting is one round clove from each clove you plant, rather obviously referred to as a "round." Leave it in the ground (or replant it in October or November) and it will develop into a normal garlic bulb next summer.

Garlic is harvested in mid-summer, when the leaves start to turn brown. If you wait until all of the leaves are brown, the bulb wrappers will be so brittle that the bulbs will come apart as you dig them. Dig them when about half of the leaves are brown and lay them out in a dry, shady place to cure like onions. Brush off the dirt and trim the roots. If you have a soft-neck variety, braid the garlic while the leaves are limp.


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