How do you germinate bunching onions outside in the ground

susanzone5(z5NY)April 3, 2010

I've searched for half hour and can't find the answer to why the bunching onion seeds I planted in March haven't sprouted yet. It's been very warm (40-75) the last few weeks and everything else seems to be germinating OK.

Is there some secret to germinating this plant outside?

Thanks for any insight. I'm thinking the seed isn't good, but it's from a reputable company I always use. They didn't have any answer for me, but then it was a kid on the phone.


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I'm in the same zone as you, but further south (SW PA). I put bunching onion seeds out March 22nd and only yesterday noticed the first sprouts - and only two at that. I was starting to wonder if there was a problem as other onion seeds had already sprouted for me.

Perhaps bunching onion seeds take a few extra days to germinate, but mine are starting now.

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Thanks! I replanted the seeds a couple days ago and noticed the previous ones were starting to germinate under the soil, like yours. Well now I really have to thin!

I'm calling the company to tell them to change the info on the packet which says to sow in cold soil.

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It is not very difficult. But the colder it is, the longer it will take.
Also, left in cold ground , germination rate will be low.
IMO, the best time to direct sow any allium seeds, is when your lows are in low 40s or higher.
Another thing is to keep them moist. That means in dry sunny days you need to lightly water them everyday.
If you happen to get a lot of rain, showers, that will be best.

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