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soilent_greenApril 26, 2011

For anyone interested, I have taken some photos that will hopefully answer some people's questions related to mulching garlic.

Click on any image to go to the full size image with notes.

Let me know if any of these pics or any of my notes were of value to you!


Note: All of my images are protected under Yahoo Flickr site use policies, and United States and international copyright laws. Unauthorized use or duplication is strictly prohibited. My permission must be granted for any commercial application of these images. These images are for sale.

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You have a really nice looking garlic patch!

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Now, that's an impressive garlic garden. My wife thinks I plant too much (12 varieties but only 140-150 bulbs) so I plan to show her these magnificent photos. That should put an end to her gentle criticism of my two little garlic beds.

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I planted 120' row 6" On Center, So I should have 200 cloves of garlic. That still a lot of garlic.

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100-plus count garlic planted is a LOT of garlic for a family, even when subtracting the seed stock for next year. They are fun plants to grow, and tasty to eat, aren't they?

So how is your garlic doing this year, vk and obrion? We have had a very poor spring - wet, cold, cloudy. Seems like for every one or two nice sunny days we are getting five cold, cloudy, rainy ones. Garlic got a good start but then slowed down considerably. Garlic looks great, just not growing very fast the last three weeks. One of my test beds (not shown) is more exposed and the leaf tips got nipped by frost. Another test bed (not shown) has been under water several times. It is all planted bulbils so no loss if they fail. At this point they are struggling but could make it if it stopped raining and the soil dried out.

Rain is forecast the next 5 days. Another three weeks like this and the ability to plant my main summer veggie gardens will be in serious jeopardy.


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