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Chubasco(6a/AZ)April 9, 2005

I planted some garlic cloves ( calif. white) last fall. They have continued to grow through the freezing temps of winter. They were well mulched with straw. Now the stems are from 1/2 to 1" in diameter and 12" to 18" tall, although they do not stand that tall. Longest leaves are bent over. In digging down carefully the bulbs only seem to be about 1" in diameter. Not as large as I would have thought. Is this normal, do I just wait? Temps are still freezing early AM. and now is our spring windy season. Any advise, Please


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Mine are in the same condition as yours. I remember reading that I'll need to wait until June or when the lower stem turns brown. I need advise on this too.

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

When leaves start to turn brown, stop watering. When 40 to 50 % of leaves are brown, harvest. If you leave in ground too long, the wrappers degrade and will not store as well.
Don't forget to cure them. Hang in a dry airy place for about two weeks. cut top off about 1 inch above bulb and twist or cut off roots.
Suggest you get some good garlic for next year.

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