shallot questions

rersoap(z6 Pittsburgh)April 25, 2005

I have been hunting high and low for shallot bulbs to plant and so far, the only thing that I have found are small shallot plants that must have been started by seed. Never planted those before, just the bulbs. Would I just plant those light onions started by seed? And when do I plant them, now or after the last frost? Thanks, rich

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

Many of the seed catalogues list shallot bulbs. Use the link for one. Or, just do a simple search for shallots.
If you already bought the potted plants, set them out if you are past the hard freezes. Here, I can plant in the fall and they handle frost quite well.

Here is a link that might be useful: shallot sets

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rersoap(z6 Pittsburgh)

Thanks for the link, coho! I may just have to order them. Did not get the plants since we were getting snow this weekend. May have to order those bulbs. Thanks again. rich

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Actually, this year I bought both seeds for shallots as well as some shallot bulbs. The bulbs had a couple of clusters within the same wrapper, so I seperated them and planted them last week. I expect, judging by the culturing info, that they multiply under ground, so I will probably see some greens soon. These are planted nearby my chives in an area that had a very small blueberry bush that was removed and given away. The other shallot seeds were planted in another location, next to my garlic. They were planted as seeds, as well as a few that had been started a month ago in small pots as thin seedlings. The ones in small pots were about 2 inches tall and were extremely thin like a single blade of grass. In any event, I seriously doubt if the seed ones will get big enough this year to form decent sized bulbs, so I plan to leave these in the soil until next year spring/summer, IF they survive. On the other hand with the shallot bulbs planted, I expect to get at least 2-3 times the amount that I originally planted, provided they cluster out well enough.

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

Perhaps I should have added that seeds seem to produce the largest bulbs. Normally singles here. Of course, I direct seeded in the fall and transplanted those that were too close.Matador was the largest.

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wayne_nc(z7 NC Piedmt)

Planted Shallots this spring for the first time they are up and producing a cluster of sprouts. How do I know when to harvest them ? Is it the same as for Garlic and Onions ? ie...when 30 to 40% of the outer leaves are dying ?

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

Shallot bulb clusters will come up out of the ground and all leaves need to be dry.

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