When is garlic ready in Texas?

neohippie(8b)April 26, 2010

I don't mean when as in "when most of the leaves have died" which is all I've been able to find. I mean when as in what month (at least a ballpark estimate). I live in the Austin area.

I've never grown garlic before, and I'm getting impatient wondering when I'll finally be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I was impatient enough today that I pulled up one plant to see how far along it was, and now I really regret it because the bulb was still really small. So I basically wasted that plant. Darn. So I guess garlic harvest time is not anytime soon like I had hoped. :-(

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You could have used and enjoyrd the one that you pulled out. Young garlics are sold
at premium price at the stores.
So you know that good indication of garlic harvest is when most of lesve (excep about 3 of them)_ have browned and died.
But when will that happen, depends on various facrors.
But, as a ball park figure in your zone (8), that should happen sometime in later half of may.
So you have to wait another 3 weeks (SORRY!)

But the next time if you want to check them out, just PATIENTLY(!) dig aroung a garlic plant until you get to the bulb.
This is not going to hurt them, because the roots are under the bulbs.
If not ready, fill it partially back. Actually, onions, garlics... bulbs will grow better when exposed.

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garliclady(z7 NC)

Late May to late June depending on the variety

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Hi neohippie,

I live near Austin. My garlic still have a good amount of green on them so I am thinking they are still growing and it maybe late June. we have had some nice cool weather down here and from what I understand Garlic does like cool weather so we may have a while to wait :)

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Well, I checked them again but this time I was more careful and instead of just pulling a whole plant up, I carefully dug away some of the soil to take a peek at some of them.

It looks like the softnecks are just starting to swell up, while the hardnecks still look like leeks down there. The leaves are about 1/4 dead.

*sigh* I'll have to be patient.

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