Cheap nitrogen

calm1(6)April 25, 2010

Hello all,

What can I use as a cheap source of nitrogen on onions & garlic? Preferably organic.



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Ed, there are multiple meals such as alfalfa, which are pretty high in N, but they are also quite pricey and slower to release. I use ammonium sulphate: 21% N and $10 for 50 lbs at most farm supplies. It is also a good acidifier for blueberries.


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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

My organic thoughts are:
Chicken manure
Feather meal
Blood meal
Fish meal

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Alfalfa Meal is about $15.00 for a 50# bag at our local farm supply store. Cottenseed meal ( some do not consider this organic though ) is about the same, Blood Meal is a bit more pricey

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Horse manure.
You may find some for free, if you can haul it.

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I have a magic jug in the garage that fills itself with urea solution every day. It is totally free, totally organic, totally renewable, and that jug takes care of a large garden by itself. Trace minerals and K are also present in the solution. You only need to add water, 5 to 1, to further dilute the solution. Many GW members have such contraptions.

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LOL, I was thinking of that urea solution myself, but couldn't quite bring myself to mention it. I haven't even told my kids what is fertilizing the tomatoes, although I suspect my son would be HAPPY to contribute. A bit TOO happy. Ah, 8-yo boys are eager to run around the yard "contributing" that sort of fertilizer!


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Is there anything that will fertilize the garden and repel bunnies? They are just wiping out my front garden, mowing down the violets, basil and peppers. They've even eaten the green onions that I planted as a barrier!
I've heard bloodmeal works but it seems to attract cats and dogs.

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Hair... you could get it from a barber shop but if you're weirded out by that just use your families hair trimmings... I'm lucky to have a very hairy dog who also contributes :). Hair slowly releases nitrogen so it wont burn plants and it deters deer as well (yay for that!).

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