Garlic leaves turning yellow

dlmka(5)April 23, 2010

I have 4 varieties of garlic (Nootka Rose, Chesnok Red, Metechi,Red Inchelium) planted late October in Central IL. I noticed many of the lower leaves are turning yellow on the ends. Is this normal as the plant grows and new leaves fill in? I've got almost $100 invested in garlic and I want to catch any problems before it becomes a real problem. I dug one plant up where I must have planted two cloves or a split clove and it's beginning to bulb and the stalks are nice, thick and strong. This is my second year planting garlic, the first year it was generic grocery store garlic. I've still got the straw mulch around the plants and the bed is almost entirely weed free (go me!) I'll try to post some pictures tonight when I get home.

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It is normall for the lower leaves to turn yellow and dry up, as long as theere are 4, 5,6 or more green ones.

Make sure, you water them regularly so the soil is always moist and NEVER dried up.

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They are heavily mulched with straw, even when the rest of the garden was dry and the soil worked up like powder it was still nice and moist under the straw.

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I wouldn't worry if it's just the lower leaves. If the whole plant is yellowing, then it could use some nitrogen. Usually, this is an indication of TOO much water.


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