Too Early Ornamental Alliums!!

SamonApril 3, 2014

I have been SO excited about my alliums this year. I planted them in the fall as soon I received them, covered them with paper and leaves over the winter. They started growing in early January! So on nice days above freezing, I would gently push the leaves away for them to get sun light and then I would cover them back up with the leaves overnight and on cold days. We had more snow of course (We're in Missouri) and they looked like they got some cold damage. One in particular, you can't even see it in this picture started to rott in the middle, scared the rot would reach the bulb, I removed it. The others showed some damage towards the middle of the folliage and I removed that as well, again, not wanting it to spread to the bulb. The leaves had this thin papery layer that was collecting moisture. It didn't look good to me, so I trimmed the leaves enough to allow the condensation to escape. This picture was taken actually just before I trimmed them. I have since removed the leaves from the garden and replaced them with pretty mulch. The Allium leaves are looking better now, but they don't seem to be growing taller. Did I ruin the bloom? I have never grown these before and don't know when the flower stems start sprouting.

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I doubt you have anything to worry about any more provided your bed has good drainage. The bloom comes up from the basal plate of the bulb; so I doubt you did that any damage either. If any thing my guess is that you were far more solicitous than you had to be.

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