multiplying onions

yellowroselinApril 17, 2006

Does anyone have a good source for these old time onions? I've been looking for some time & can find info on them but no info on where to get them... thanks

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username_5(banned for no reason)

They can be difficult to come by. Currently Park Seed has them (Egyption Walking Onion). I have done business with them in the past and they are OK.

Here is a link that might be useful: park seed link

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Do you mean green onions that split during the growing season and produce more green onions? (Some shallots, Evergreen, some fistulosum)
Or do you mean bulbing onions that produce many onions after leaving dormancy? (Potato)
Or do you mean top setting onions that produce onions on bloom stalks? (Egyptian, top-set, walking)
Or do you mean green onions that produce many onions just after leaving dormancy? (Shallots)

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I mean green onions that split during the growing season & produce more green onions. anybody know where to get them??

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I have been searching for the same plant that you are looking for. In horticulture the term is bunching. I agriculture the term bunching means it will grow close together. Because of this you cannot trust what the seed companies say. I now have 72 varieties of alliums. The result of my looking for "bunching onions." So far I have 14 edible alliums that will devide during the growing season. Some of them such as the Egyptian, Top-Setting Japanese and Potato Onions divide rarely if at all. My arbitrary cut-off line for what I would call a "Dividing Onion" is eight onions from one. That means four divisions a year. I have one that I would estimate will do six divisions a year. My best five are all unnamed. Starting this fall, I will take samples of the most productive and try to get a better measure of productivity. Here is my list in order of favor.
1. Ultra Tough, the only way I know to kill it is to eat it. Between dormant and active production one will give you 20 at the end of the year.
2. Onion Mass Producing Japanese I am guessing that one onion cared for will give 64 or so by the end of the year.
3. Ultra Productive Shallot, makes four or so a year and then mass produces from dormancy.
4. S1 Productive Redskin Shallot, This one is doing so well it may be moving up my list of favorites .
5. Garlic Chives, Easy to find, worth growing.
6. Chives, Easiest to find, a must have.
7. Iitoi's Onion, available from
8. Small Welsh Onion
The following will divide but are not as quick to do so.
Society Garlic, Potato Onion, Egyptian Onion, Mirage Shallot, Matador Shallot

I am still looking for several alliums,
Beltsville Bunching
Texas Natve Bear Garlic
And the most important, Perpetual or Multiplying Leek. has it but won't ship out of NZ. It used to be popular in my area. Now I cannot find it.

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I am new at gardening. I bought some onions that are called mulitplying onions. They are growing "onions" at the top of the stalks. Is that normal?

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I grew multiplier a/k/a potato onions last year with great success. Mine came from Territorial.

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Hello..I also bought some multiplying onions and they are doing great in the garden..They have what looks like a seed pod on top..I have never had these before or even gardened alone before so do not know what to do with them next..Do I just leave them in the garden,,or pick the seed pods and plant them...please..Any information will help..Thank

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I'm growing I'itoi's Onions from This is my second year growing them, and they do great. They just divide and divide into big bunches of green onions until summer when they dry up and go dormant. Then I dug them up, traded out some of the bulbs, replanted the rest in fall, and off they went again. Nice flavor, too.

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I was given some Potato Onions this year and they are growing like gangbusters. With a little luck I should have plenty to plant in the Fall.

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I have some of neohippies i'itois and they grow gangbusters for me too.

I also have a 'red blush' bunching onion from garden center seed packet, it produced bunching onions that split many times per year.

I have evergreen hardy white too, they are HUGE >1" diameter, but they only multiply about 4x in a year (though you can let them flower and go to seed to get a lawn of them).

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