Moving garlic in the spring

larry_c(z6 Stl. Mo.)April 8, 2013

I have these masses of garlic volunteers next to my regular bed. I assume they are from seed. I have about 3 dozen plants each year but I estimate there are 50 or more stalks in this volunteer grouping.

Has anyone every tried to thin these in the spring? Think it will be worth the effort to try to get bulbs or should I just cut the tops for salads and forget moving them.

in St. Louie MO.

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gemini_jim(7 MD)

I would try it. Alliums as a rule take well to transplanting. What you might lose due to transplant shock you will more than make up due to the plants having more growing room. You might get small bulbs this year, but they should size up when you replant for next year. The other option would be to wait until they mature and harvest all the little bulbs, which might all be singles. You'll probably get fewer that way, but still have decent planting stock.

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My masses of volunteers are in an area beyond the garden where I've thrown out shriveled bulbs. This time of year I dig clumps and eat them like g'allions (garlic scallions).

They plants will grow if you dig a clump and transplant the ones that come away with roots attached, but they won't make big bulbs in my experience.

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