Ornamental allium question

Jen26(USDA zone 6/MO)April 21, 2006

This might be the dumbest allium question ever! I'm in zone 6...if I plant ornamental alliums, say Globemaster, is this something I plant once and leave in the ground? Do I lift the bulbs and overwinter? Do they continue to bloom year after year, or are they more like tulips, fading with time? Thanks.

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sallym(z4 MN)

Hi Jen,
Not a dumb question. Here in lovely Zone 4, we leave them in the ground year after year to multiply and bloom for years. I believe alliums need a chill period like tulips and daffs to bloom. Globemaster is a great allium to grow. I would consider it even with the extra chilling work.

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I'm in zone 6 and love ornamental alliums but they seem to peter out after a couple of years. As I hear about them multiplying in other gardens, I wonder what I am doing wrong. I don't water my garden except in extreme drought so it isn't that.

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playdirt(z4 MN)

Globemaster has the rep of lasting only a couple years here. It is pricey also. cathy

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I've planted alliums, but the flowers are never as large as the catalog photos look like, whats the deal? I love those huge blue balls of flowers.

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if left to go to seed do these seeds germinate and grow and flower?


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