Walking Onion questions

ididitMay 1, 2005

A friend gave me a clump of walking onion...Looks to be about 8 plants, all stuck together. I do not know what variety they are. They have flowers already forming at the top, but they haven't opened yet. Eventually, they will be a purple flower. What do I do with this/these plants? The clump wilted quite a lot after transplanting, but I haven't looked at it in a couple days. Will it recover? Is there any best time to dig up these clumps and transplant them? (My friend will give me more clumps) When it forms the little bulblets, when are they ready to be taken off the parent plant and replanted? How long can they (the little bulblets) be stored before they are no longer good for planting? Should I allow it to bloom, or cut the flower parts off? Are the little bulblets good to eat? Is there any other information I should know about these onions? Thanks very much in advance for any information you can give me.


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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

If you have a clump which will have purple flowers, that isn't a walking onion. Walking onions don't produce flowers, only topset bulbils. It sounds more like chives. If you had almost any onion that had flowers forming, that flower stalk would be at least 2 feet high. Definitely not at any transplant stage. It's no doubt a type which easily multiplies by bulb division but not a walking onion. Whatever it would be, all parts of an onion, chive, or shallot are edible.


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Thank you for that information...Perhaps I didn't understand what the person who gave it to me said. This clump is easily over a foot tall, it does get purple flowers probably at least 2 feet tall. I'll post pictures if this rain lets up. She started it from seed, and it has made many separate clumps next to each other by itself....I would think that it could only do that by self sowing the bulbils that she said it grows....I don't know....it's my first time having these.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Garden Club website

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

My walking onions don't actually flower. Instead, they usually set a cluster of small bulbs at the tops of thick stalks. The walking onions that I have, have purple layers, and multiply under ground as well as from the stalks. I cut off the stalks and small bulb clusters in late summer, and leave the onions in soil until a little later. These are then dug up, and the small bulb clusters are seperated and planted in fall for the following year.

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Hmmm....My onion clump definitely sets flowers, and I have seen some walking onions of another gardening friend...His does look different than mine. I think I got some type of large scallion instead of the walking onions. Not bad, as they should still be good for eating, and the leaves are large enough for stuffing with creme cheese. I'll just have to keep searching for my walking onions. Thanks so much for your help! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Garden Club website

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

Use the link for pix and sources of 3 walking onions. They do not produce seeds. Plant the bottom bulbs or the top bubils.

Here is a link that might be useful: Walking onion

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

I grow chives and garlic chives here, and both do flower, then turn to seeds. Both can be removed from the stalks and broken up and replanted. I think that the Potato onion has blossoms like the ones you mention, and these are not quite the same as walking onions.

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Gosh....there is obviously much more that I need to learn about onions and garlic! I think I will let the ones I have come to flower, save the seeds, and then dig them up and see what I have...smiles.
Thank you all for the great information!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Garden Club website

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Could be Japanese bunching onions- scallions that never turn into bulbs. They will flower in early summer and then divide and make more scallions. You can tear the clump apart and space them out (about 8-10" apart). Each individual scallion will then turn into several and become a clump. They get pretty hot in mid-summer but are fine cooked and good in Chinese stir-fries. They can readily be grown from seed as well but I usually cut off the flowering head since I get plenty of plants from the divisions. When I want scallions, I dig up a clump, separate them out and replant one and use the rest.

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3rd attempt to post.They are egyptian walking onions.You only plant them once.They grow a bulb and sometimes a flower looking thing on the end of a leaflet.When they get big enough they hang down and replant themselves.You want to add sticks and tie string to help them bow down and replant. They multiply faster.They can walk 16 feet a year.And they can walk vertically to up into other planters.Help steer the bulbs into the direction you want them to replant themselves or they will go all over.Pick the thicker stalked ones before they get to thick for they get tough and chewy on outter layers.They have the same potentcy of green onions no matter how big or old.The ones you don't pick will regrow in the spring.You never have to plant or transplant bulbs unless you want to.I never buy green onions anymore.They are great for cooking.They are the same as green onions but are bigger and will regrow every spring.

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