nuther allium question

organic-kiki(Zone 6)May 19, 2006

Actually 2 questions........are my alliums that I ordered for this fall going to be safe from the squirrels, moles & voles? I don't notice any of my garlic disappearing this spring. Can't say the same for the lillies. Also, I have Kettle River Giant Garlic that I had for planting last year....I tried eating some that looked good and smelled good, but it tastes very bitter. Is it because of the type or is it too old?



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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

So far, I haven't had any problems with moles and squirrels trying to eat my onions, shallots or garlic. Of course, I do have a cat that has essentially depopulated the moles over the past three years though the squirrels (and most of the chipmunks) still elude him. Sometimes though I wish he wasn't so darn efficient since my lilies are spreading like wild and there's going to be a battle royale between the lilies and Jerusalem Artichokes this season!

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